How can offsite construction help to address the skills crisis and create new jobs?


We have investigated the opportunities and difficulties that MMC brings with the assistance of our clients and industry professionals in an effort to address the UK housing crisis and aid the construction sector in "building back better." We are convinced that MMC offers a long-term, effective way to advance sustainability in the industry, both economically and environmentally. However, for the shift to be successful, the building process must be changed from one of "why not" to "why now.”

Collaboration becomes essential in shifting the focus of MMC discussions away from merely the investment costs and toward the social, economic, and environmental benefits of MMC. Despite the fact that MMC has a number of advantages, formalization of MMC procedures and adoption of standards are still necessary to realize their full potential. 

Construction was no longer among the top 10 jobs for workers aged 22 to 29 in 2018, according to the ONS, and fewer people are continuing to choose this field as a profession. In June 2021, ONS figures showed that the number of EU workers looking for jobs in the UK had decreased by 36% and the number of Europeans working in the UK had decreased by 41%. Brexit has made it even harder to find willing construction workers.

MMC can be used to alleviate the skills shortage and generate new non-manual professions, but for this to happen, there must be significant sector-wide cooperation and investment. If the transition to MMC is to be successful, young people must be encouraged to enter the sector and major chances must be provided for those in construction (or allied industries) to upskill and reskill. To make the industry more accessible, this should include a range of entry points, such as apprenticeships, higher education, technical education, and workable CPD possibilities for individuals already employed in the traditional construction business.

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