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We offer both Partnership Plans and Marketing Add-ons.

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Partnership Plans

Our Partnership Plans involve exhibiting on our Marketplace and/or our Directory (depending on your business). These two pages serve separate purposes as explained below:

1.     Marketplace - For Suppliers of turn-key MMC & Offsite Solutions. This allows companies to showcase previously completed projects in their entirety to organisations in industry sectors such as Education, Health, Residential, Retail, Industrial & Infrastructure, Commercial & Leisure.

2.     Directory - For Suppliers of Trade Components, Products & Services. Our trade Directory promotes your business to developers, builders & construction companies looking to incorporate MMC products and volumetric systems into their build. This covers everything from sub-assemblies & components through to design, consulting, or technical services.

Our Partnership Plans provide you with:

-       Company Marketing, Advertising & Promotions via our platform

-       A permanent exhibition space in the construction industry with SEO optimised visibility for your business

-       Account dashboard to upload company details, create or edit listings & manage customer enquiries

-       Targeted Lead Generation from developers, builders, construction companies & more

-       Multi-Channel Exposure via Search Engine, email, & Newsletter to your target sectors

Discover a more detailed list of features below and get in touch for support in becoming an Offsite Guide Partner!

Marketing Add-ons

Our Marketing Add-ons are purchasable in addition to our Partnership Plans (or separately in some cases), with the purpose of gaining more exposure for your business, a product or anything else surrounding MMC & Offsite Construction. In summary, the add-ons can be broken down into 4 categories:

1.     Upgrade your visibility and profile on our website to stand out from the competition. This includes listing enhancement, renting advertising space or featuring on our home page to name a few.

2.     Instantly reach a wider audience with our e-marketing and newsletter campaigns, consisting of a pre-qualified & fast-growing subscriber base. Only wanting to target a specific sector? No problem, we’ve got it covered.

3.     Make your voice heard within the industry by using The Offsite Guide sponsorship options. We can publish informative guest blogs on our Articles page, or spotlight your listing on one of our dedicated Guide pages.

4.     Join our growing social media community and help to educate, inform, and show off your innovations throughout multiple channels. We can boost the awareness of your newly completed build, or publicise a new product discount to name a few examples.

We offer scalable, cost-efficient packages and flexible sponsorship opportunities tailored to your needs.

For detailed pricing information please Get in touch here.

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Partnership Plans

Free directory plan


Standard directory plan


£120 /year
Enhanced directory plan


£360 /year


Company Name & Address
Company Description

Limited to 100 words

Limited to 500 words


Category Selection

Maximum of 1

Maximum of 3


Search Result Page Visibility




Company logo & phone number


Website Link's




Number of Images




Marketplace Listing Ability*



Social Media Links



Website Marketing Add-Ons Discounts



Marketing add-ons

Applicable to all plans
Guest Article or Press Release




Home Page Video Promotion




Home Page Logo Promotion



Home Page Listing Promotion




Website Banner Advert




Guide Page Listing Feature




Marketing Services


paid annually, or £100 paid monthly


£175 /month
paid annually, or £250 paid monthly


£315 /month
paid annually, or £450 paid monthly


Annual Partnership Plan


Standard Registration

Enhanced Registration

Account Manager Meeting
Onboarding Drafting Service
Banner Advert with Design Service
Maximise Profile on Home Page


Social Media Welcome
Feature in Guides
Ongoing Matchmaking Opportunities
Additional Monthly Marketing Activities

Solus email alternate monthly

with Social Media post

Solus email

+ Social Media promotion

Solus email + Social Media

promotion + sponsor opportunity

Kick-start Campaign


A Press Release Article

A Press Release Article

+ A Newsletter feature

Marketing add-ons

Applicable to all plans
Articles and Discussion Papers*


Social Media Posts*


Weekly Newsletter*


Email Banner Advert

£50 per Newsletter

Company Case Study via Solus Email


Article or Special Feature via Solus Email


Promotional Social Post


Guest Article


Special Feature TOG interview


Frequently asked questions

What is The Offsite Guide?

The Offsite Guide is an online B2B Marketplace, Directory and information resource for the growing industry of Offsite Construction & MMC.

A platform to search & explore Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and connect with specialist manufacturers. 

A platform to facilitate more efficient production, pricing, channel of sales and availability of product variety, supporting economies of scale and repeatability.

What does becoming an Offsite Guide Partner mean?

As an Offsite Guide Partner, you join a growing B2B community of industry professionals that are striving to make Offsite and MMC construction more widely used within the world today.

It enables you to benefit from targeted marketing, manage your efforts and be flexible with your company needs, as well as learn about new methods, products and other businesses that could help your company.

Most importantly and more obviously, being a TOG Partner allows you to manage your company account of listings, promotions, add ons and leads to support your businesses success!

How do I become a Partner?

Join us on the TOG Marketplace or Directory to benefit from our marketing expertise in the built environment and the construction sector, by creating listings and gaining exposure to your company.

To sign up as a Partner for The Offsite Guide please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Register an account here

  2. Upgrade your account by declaring yourself a Partner

  3. Email our team via this link to be taken through your account setup and listing process.

What does The Offsite Guide cost for users?

For users browsing the site for potential products and manufacturers, or learning on our Articles and Guide pages, The Offsite Guide is a free to use online resource.

What on The Offsite Guide is free?

The Offsite Guide Directory offers a basic free package which includes:

  • Company name and address

  • 100 words of text describing your company, service and products

  • A single category selection

To find out more about how to Partner with us, whether you want a free or paid plan, get in touch with one of our account managers here.

The Offsite Guide Marketplace (for modular turnkey solution providers) offers:

  • Company registration and a listing on our suppliers page

  • Company logo display

  • A short company description

Are prices inclusive of VAT?

Prices are not inclusive of VAT, which will be shown clearly both in the pricing lists and in the checkout stage of your purchase.

Who is the TOG Directory suitable for?

Our Directory is suitable for a wide and diverse group of specialist construction services, products and system providers, including:

  • Offsite system & product suppliers.

  • Those offering panellised systems, sub-assemblies & components, as well as site based MMC structural components.

  • Offsite main contractors & other professionals.

  • Main & general contractors, offsite/modular solutions, offsite consultants & engineers, offsite designers and digital designers to highlight just some of many.

  • Offsite trades people such as groundwork companies, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, landscape & external works contractors, flooring installers, painters & decorators, etc.

  • Associated construction products such as suppliers of road signs, PPE, damage protection products, health & safety products, tools & equipment, branded products products, ironmongery, fixings, etc.

How can I get the best out of my listings?

Here are our top tips on how to catch the attention of the appropriate customers on The Offsite Guide:

  • Make sure your photos are of a high quality as these are the first things that the users will see!

  • Make sure all text fields of each listing (Specification, Company Coverage etc.) are populated with complete details, so the user knows exactly what to expect before making an enquiry.

  • Take time to properly select the listings attributes, which the customer will use to find your product using the filters on the left of the search results page. 

  • Why not include a video tour of your product or walk-around of a completed job so that users can properly appreciate all angles of your work?

Market your business on The Offsite Guide