As well as a B2B Marketplace and Trade Directory for all Modern Methods of Construction, The Offsite Guide thrives to inform and educate its users on the industry advancements throughout the various sectors.

We aim to do this through our frequent article posts and guest blogs, which are a combination of News, Advice and Inspiration, and now through our ‘Guide’ pages as well. These pages focus on individual topics, techniques, products and most importantly our marketplace and directory categories, which are all centred around Offsite Construction and MMC.

The main reason behind these pages is to make it easier for you to find everything in one place, namely a short informative description about the subject, some listings that are connected to it, a few associated articles for some further research, and our most recent LinkedIn posts for the opportunity to stay connected with us on a more frequent basis! If you have suggestion for a guide page that you would like us to write about (or a guest blog you want us to publish), then please get in touch with us via LinkedIn – we would be more than happy to help!

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